Our System

1. Supervision

In “The Spectrum System”, one of the most important goals is to establish an efficient system of performing the task and to ensure that all tasks are performed properly. The role of the Area Supervisor is very important. When we get a new project, we first divide the building into sections, which we then use to plan daily and weekly inspection schedules for the Area Supervisor.

As it is not cost-effective to perform a full inspection of the building after each cleaning, The Spectrum System‘s inspection process is based on random sampling. Two or three suites are selected for each Area Supervisor to inspect in fine detail. The findings are then tabulated to give a rating of the cleaning standard.

The Spectrum System‘s inspection process makes the Area Supervisor accountable to the Operations Manager for the quality and completeness of the work performed each day. It also ensures the Area Supervisor maintains daily face to face contact with the client to discuss areas of concern that can be dealt with immediately.

2. Training

“The Spectrum System” puts strong emphasis on the training of new employees. We carefully supervise all new employees, even if they have been trained in the related skills through previous employment.

Every new recruit is provided with an “Employee Guidebook” on their first day of work. This guidebook outlines the code of conduct required and provides comprehensive coverage on security, health and safety measures of their day-to-day work.

Spectrum Management’s Operations Manual provides standard methods of cleaning that all employees are required to memorize.  As a company, we are committed to 100% productivity and safety.  All our employees must be familiar with each of the cleaning products we are using, its color, name, intended usage, dilution ratio etc.  This reduces the risk of accidents, damage to the cleaning staff or tenant’s health and the surface or material being cleaned.

3. Cost Control

The Spectrum System is designed to be an efficient and cost effective janitorial service. We use the following cost control mechanisms to allow different Area Supervisors to monitor and eliminate any wastage:

Work Loading – Area Supervisors create duty lists which allocate specific tasks and areas to be done

Schedules – organize the work according to the specific requirements of the client

Sign In/Out Forms – monitors employee attendance. Area Supervisors can allocate the duties that are not yet assigned and arrange for replacement staff, if there is a shortage

Daily Hours Report – measures budgeted hours for a task and ensure actual hours used are within the limit set between the Company and management company/client

Vacation Scheduling – The simplest of all tasks, yet a common source of error. We PLAN well in advance for all the vacation time of the staff. This enables the Company to provide proper staffing for all buildings at all times

4. Standardization

To provide continuity and ease of implementation, a standard set to equipment, products, and method of performing tasks has been established through The Spectrum System. All the specifications are clearly spelled out in the Area Supervisor’s manual. Each Area Supervisor will ensure close adherence to the standards to achieve cost effectiveness.

5. Client Services

We create personalized cleaning systems designed around the particular needs of each client. The first step in our process is interviewing the client to understand their specific needs, budgets and expectations.

a. Service Specifications
After the interview, we will provide the client with a detailed plan of service for each area of the facility. The plan includes information on the tasks that will be performed, the frequency and the quality as expected. This plan will serve as the basis for our duty lists and standards.

b. Quality Control Inspections
Inspections provide the basic means of ensuring the quality of the service being provided and the effectiveness of the method of work being used. The Area Supervisor will carry out a daily inspection schedule. A daily meeting of the management team will be held to discuss any problems that may have arisen. Client complaints will be noted and appropriate actions will be taken immediately.

c. Response Time
We respond to all request and complaints from our clients and tenants, no matter how large or small. We will contact the source of the request or complaint either by phone or in person so that we can understand the nature of the problem. We will then immediately solve the problem and have a follow up visit to ensure all the client’s needs and expectations have been met.

d. Tenants Survey
We have developed a tenant survey system to collect comments from all tenants in the building. Based on the information received, we will address any concerns with the staff and Area Supervisors responsible for the building. A summary of all comments will be forwarded to property managment for review. The same procedure is repeated every six months to ensure we provide a pleasant and comfortable working environment for each tenant in the building.

e. Communications
We provide a 24-hour communication system between our clients and our management team. This will enable us to provide immediate response to any problems and special services required.

All Managers and Area Supervisors are equipped with cellular phones and Blackberries to ensure that we have an effective and efficient communication link to best serve our clients.

f. Monthly Meetings
We also recommend a monthly meeting with building manager to ensure that all work is performed to a high standard.